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If you really want to spy on someone or just monitor your house, you can easily use your Android phone as a spy camera. Here are the ways you can use to make a surveillance or spy camera using your smartphone. If you really get ambitious, you can track calls and texts after your spy cam is set up. This method should work on most Android devices, and you will only need a couple of minutes to get this app going.

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Note: You will need another device for watching the live streaming video while the primary device will act as a surveillance camera. Then place the phone strategically depending on what you want to spy on. Enter the CID code, the username, and passwords you used to configure the camera on the first device. Afterward, press Save. You will be taken to the main screen of the app. You will now be able to stream live from the Android device that you turned into a spy camera earlier.

You can capture screenshots from your spy camera, switch between the front and back camera and switch the flash on or off. IP Webcam is one of the most reliable and popular spy camera apps there is. Also, the app supports watching the video stream on any browser or on any media player on your PC.

The app also supports video chat through Skype and Chatroulette. Once you open it, you can edit settings for how you want to record the video. The setting options include frames per second, image size and image quality. Make sure to write them down — you will need them later. Now, place the phone at the location that you want to monitor. Make sure you position the phone strategically.

If you want to stream on your PC, open your browser and enter the IP address and the port number you saved earlier.

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You will be taken to the Android Webcam Server page where you will be able to view the video in your browser — where you will have some options about what to do with the stream. You will now be able to see the video stream directly on your Android device. The app features several advanced features including silent video recording, silent picture capturing, upload the video file on Picasa, Dropbox, FTP or email and saving the video to your SD card.

You will see a button with the link featuring the IP Address and Port Number — make sure to save them somewhere because you will need them later. After that, you should position the device strategically. This will open up the CloudCam page in your web browser where you will be able to edit the settings, capture screenshots from the device and view the live stream directly on your browser or through another media player.

There are many apps that could be installed on your phone and that could access your camera without you knowing. Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your pets or children at home, or what to see if your valuables are well protected. However, sometimes an amateur app is not enough. Home security apps can turn your old device into a spy camera in a couple of minutes.

So what method did you use? Most helpful review. Pros : Night mode recording. Clarity of camera. Read the full review. Most recent review.

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I'm unable to start recording with this device after inserting the memory card. If anybody can help me how to start recording for the first time please comment. I have been using this camera for last one month. I am quite satisfied with this purchase. Here are the pros and cons.

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Pros: 1. Very good picture quality at this price.

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LL Damaged pen. Published 2 days ago by Pradeep Kumar biswal. I bought it twice and it was damaged. Go for it! No fancy options, basic and most important features covered. Published 17 days ago by Chinthala Srinivas. After using this camera for around 8 months i am quite happy with this purchase.

Eligible for Pay On Delivery. Last 30 days Last 90 days. This AC adapter it is very different though, it houses a pinhole hidden camera and a Wi-Fi Hidden inside a nonfunctioning air purifier is a micro pinhole lens and Wi-Fi transmitter. This system uses your wireless Internet router to enable you to record hidden Looking to add a little greenery to your home or office? This Wi-Fi artificial plant hidden camera sits perfectly on a shelf and the built in camera is designed to interface with your wireless router. After setup is complete you will be able to record This will allow you to view and record live video from anywhere on your network or remotely through the Internet.

Using just If you have a computer then you probably have computer speakers. And if you need a hidden camera and everything else seems too obvious, why not buy some new speakers?

How to turn your smartphone into a spy camera or baby monitor

These ordinary and fully functioning computer speakers will sit perfectly on your desk Just the Basics. Your WiFi Hidden Camera connects to your home or office wireless router just like any computer or cell phone would. It sits on your wireless network and waits for a command from your Smartphone or Tablet to enable the live streaming of video.

What You Need. All WiFi Hidden Cameras are not created equal. There are some pretty significant differences from one to the other. The modern systems we use today have come a long way in terms of ease of use. You really had to understand the way networks are configured to set one up properly.

Fast forward to today.

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Most of our cameras use a P2P Peer to Peer server to bridge the connection between your smartphone. Better Home Security. No single system can protect your home or office. We have many nanny cams that look like alarm clocks, wall clocks, air purifiers, DVD players, AC Adapters, even a line of cameras that look like a black box!

  • Step 1: Get a security camera app running on your old phone(s).
  • Mi MJSXJ02CM 360° 1080P WiFi Home Security Camera (White)!
  • Mini Camera: Buy Mini Spy Camera online at best prices in India -;

These motion detection enabled video recorders are designed to blend in and capture crystal clear video while enabling live remote access. Sign in Create An Account. Compare 0. Add to Wish list.