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Most often a quick glance is already enough and it is known. Even the Touch ID does not fully solve this issue, because after an unsuccessful fingerprint scan, the PIN opportunity to access the iPhone is also offered.

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  • Bugging software is somewhat difficult to detect, but your iPhone may give you a few clues when it's been tapped. Listen for a noise, such as a short tone or click, when you make a call on the iPhone. If you hear the noise every time you make a call, your iPhone may be bugged.

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    Power your iPhone off and check to make sure that it stays off. A bugged iPhone might stay on or turn back on even though you've turned it off. Look at your iPhone's screen regularly when you aren't using it. Watch for the screen to light up, even for a fraction of a second.

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    If the screen lights up when the iPhone isn't in use, this is indicative of spy software. For example, the screen may light up when the spy is using the iPhone as a listening device.

    Monitor your iPhone's battery usage. When a bugging app is installed and active, the device's battery tends to drain much faster than usual. For instance, if your battery normally lasts a few days, but suddenly begins draining after a day or less, the device may be bugged. Check the iPhone's data usage.

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    Excessive data usage that isn't due to your activity indicates bugging software. Look at the monthly bill for your iPhone. If your bill increased significantly, the iPhone may have a bug. The bill may also reveal strange or unusual activity that resulted from the bug.