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Search Supervision. See the words, terms, and phrases your children are searching for to gain insights into their interests and help protect them from inappropriate content. Social Network Supervision.

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See how frequently your children log on to Facebook from their PCs, and the name they use on their profiles, so you can talk to them about smart social media habits. Personal Information Protection. Help your children avoid giving out sensitive personal information when online, including phone number, address, school they attend, or email address.

Email Alerts. Find out when your children attempt to visit a blocked site so that you can start a conversation about appropriate content. Access Request.

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Open the lines of communication by enabling your children to send you a note from within Norton Family if they disagree with a blocked site or a house rule. Activity History.

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Easy-to-Use Web Portal. Helps you manage protection for all your devices with an easy-to-use Web portal. Parent Mobile App 2. Location Supervision 1,2.

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Mobile App Supervision 2. See which apps your children have downloaded on their Android devices and choose which ones they can use, such as YouTube and Facebook. Video Supervision 4.

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See a list of the YouTube videos your children watch on their devices and even view a snippet of each video, so you know when you need to talk. Instant Lock. Parents can help children take a break by locking the device, so they can re-focus, or join the family at dinner.

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Once in lock mode, all of the device's applications, web browsers, games, Microsoft products and more are inaccessible, until manually disabled via the Family Portal. Individual devices can be unlocked with a PIN.

Parents and children can still contact each other while the device is in lock mode. Opt to receive detailed reports of what your children are doing online, right in your inbox.

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Best Virus and Malware Protection 5. Defends against viruses. Identity Protection.

Safeguards your identity and online transactions. Support for 10 Devices. Automatic Backup. There are several plan options including a free version. Get it on iTunes. This free app allows you to instantly lock and unlock your child's Android device remotely from your own device so that you can enjoy more quality family time, or help your child focus on schoolwork or sleep. You can choose from three modes: "Dinner Time" pauses any activity for up to two hours; "Take a Break" pauses any activity for up to 24 hours; and "Bed Time" pauses any activity for any given start and end time, while still allowing kids to access their alarm clock.

The free version of DinnerTime works on up to two kids' devices, controlled by up to two parents' devices. Screen Time lets parents remotely monitoring the amount of screen time kids spend on their mobile devices. Screen Time lets you set daily time limits, assign tasks to your kids to complete like homework, see which apps your child uses the most, and more.

Our favorite feature? Instant pause, allowing parents to instantly pause their child's devices. Animal videos! Skateboarding demos! Retro cartoons!

YouTube is an obvious source of free entertainment for kids — but it doesn't always feel like a safe choice. You can create custom kid profiles, block channels or videos, keep tabs on their watch history, turn search on or off, set a timer to limit kids' screen time, report videos, and more. For example, the app lets you know if your child is exceeding a speed limit that you set, hard-braking, alerts you off their location while driving and when parked, and more. Want to send a strong message when your child repeatedly ignores your texts and phone calls? This forces the child to call the parent back in order to unlock their phone.

It's a better option than taking your child's phone away because he'll still be able to make emergency phone calls to you or even when his phone is otherwise locked. Kids Place is a comprehensive parental control app. Some of its handy attributes include a customized home screen showcasing approved apps only, the ability to prevent your child from downloading or buying new apps as well as a time feature to specify a schedule for using the smartphone. When you install and use the app for the first time, you have to first set a PIN for security purposes.

KuuKla Parental Control App helps you tailor your Android device into one which is suitable for your child. It gives you the opportunity to select the applications that you want to appear for use on the home screen while disabling access to all other applications. It also allows you to define a schedule for using apps and the Internet on the smartphone. The Abeona app actually comes with a complementary app called Device Monitor. Abeona — Parental Control allows parents to monitor the mobile apps usage of their child, view call logs and check whether the device of child is online or offline among other things.

The app is great for use on multiple devices, for instance if you need to get reports from multiple Android smartphones or tablets, all at once.